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When you hit a paleo road block

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It’s inevitable. Social settings, celebrations, temptations, the lolly isle in the grocery store. We will all hit a roadblock at some point, and I can guarantee it will happen more than once. On your journey to success of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, life will intervene. We lose our mojo. We are always given two options at this point; we can give in and form a character “flaw” or we take it in stride where we recognize the need to reboot and give ourselves a kick in the a$$.

How do we find the right tools to help us stay on track? To help us keep climbing to reach our peak? How do we pump ourselves up when we are at our weakest point?

How do we boost our confidence levels?

1. You Deserve It.

So many people wait to invest in themselves until they feel like they deserve it. Whether it’s signing up to a gym, hiring a private PT, seeing a physio, buying healthier food, seeing a nutritionist, getting a massage – whatever it is to make a better and healthier you – many people will wait until they feel like they deserve it.

You don’t need to succeed your way into a place to deserve something like this. You are already deserving of what helps you enjoy your journey to health.

On the other hand, there are also people who are happy to buy all the gadgets that represent “health and fitness” but don’t commit to the actual foundations of it – being good quality food/diet, exercise, stress management and quality sleep.

Invest in yourself. Useful motivation tools can help you in those times where you need that boost. A good workout or new training gear always can help increase your motivation. New pots and pans or new spices, recipe books can also motivate you to spend time in the kitchen.

ENJOY your process.

2. Remove negativity

As soon as you start getting any form of negativity floating through that brain – cut it off ASAP. If you keep that negative space in your head, it will continuously eat away at you. Sabotaging self-talk does no good. Create a personal philosophy or single words to help you divert from this and get you back on the right track “I do this because I want to be and feel my best” (1).

3. Make a list of positivity

Create a list of whom, what and where are your sources for confidence. When you are hitting that roadblock, this list should be a go to in order to help you stay on track. Who makes you feel like you’re succeeding, what places inspire you to eat healthy, where makes you feel like you can connect with your body, push it and enjoy what it can do for you? Use this list to refer to and use it often to help keep that positive connection.

4. Celebrate Often

We always create these big goals we would like to achieve that usually take us ages to complete. This gives us fewer chances to celebrate. Instead, break that big goal down into smaller goals to allow you more chances to celebrate your journey and send out some real feel good vibes and to boost that ego (2). Write these goals down and tick them off as you go. Be grateful of all of your accomplishments, big or small.

5. Find balance and enjoy the moment

For most, when they start a healthier approach, they become extremely strict and harsh on their expectations of themselves. What we all should strive for is an energetic, balanced, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle that works for you as the individual.

Sometimes, it’s important to just enjoy what’s around you for that particular moment. You may have hit a plateau, you might be frustrated, you may have hit a little road block, but take a look around and enjoy what you have. Get outside, get some fresh air, enjoy the sun, enjoy your environment (2). Forget about the goals for a second and just live in the moment. Do something fun. Be a kid. Do this until you feel recharged.

Fun and happiness is the easiest and most effective confidence booster.

Remember these steps when you are feeling low. It’s important to not only focus on the end goal, but to also enjoy the process.


(1) Increasing self-confidence through self-talk.

(2) Thoughtconfidenceas a determinant of persuasion: the self-validation hypothesis.

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