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Sponsoring an Active Lifestyle

Posted by Michael Grubb on

Over at Paleo Meals Direct we believe that good nutrition should also go hand in hand with living an active life style.

Id like to announce that PMD is proudly the Major sponsor for "the jungle body" convention.

The convention is at the Novotel Langley Perth from October 6 - 8

Go check out the webpage for more details on the convention

For those of you who don't know what the jungle body is or what its all about let me fill you in!

Jungle Body was created by Tara Simich in 2010 right here in lil ol Perth, Its since spread to 13 different countries across the globe.

The jungle body method is a fusion of dance, boxing, cardio and sculpting that will leave you sweating and pumped full of endorphins.

Each Routine has a core of 4 movements keeping it simple enough for even the most uncoordinated person can master the workout in just a few minutes.
They switch things up on a monthly basis with new choreography so its always fresh, fun and challenging.

For those of you interested in finding out where you can go check out a Jungle body class