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Something looks different...

Posted by Aimee on

We’ve gone greener…. But in a good way!

Say goodbye to the old styrofoam eskies and hello to our new greener, cooler delivery boxes!

Are they just as cold as the old eskies?

They are colder! We tested a number of different material and box designs with this one coming out on top, keeping the meals icy cold for up to 8 hours!

See it’s not all about the box. Inside this 100% recyclable goodness we have a bubble liner that not only insulates, keeping the meals frozen, but also is sealed nice and tight to keep your meals locked in safe on their journey to your front door.

Will you still collect the boxes?

Absolutely! We are all about reducing our environmental footprint here at Paleo Meals Direct so please feel free to leave your boxes, liners and ice-packs out on your next delivery and we will collect them! Unfortunately though there will no longer be a $5 credit for returning these boxes. If you’d prefer, feel free to recycle the box yourself and keep the liners and ice-packs for your next summer picnic!

Paleo Tribe we hope you are just as happy with these new delivery boxes as we are! But if you do have any concerns or questions please feel free to send us an email or give us a call, we always love to hear from you!

Love The Paleo Meals Direct Team x