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An intro to Paleo and which healing diet could be right for you

Posted by Michael Grubb on

If your new to the whole Paleo thing then your probably finding all this new information and specific catch words all a but daunting. I sure as hell know that I did!

Like what the hell is Ketogenic or AIP or LOW FODMAP anyway?

Who made up these crazy words and acronyms and what do they even mean?

I stumbled over a very useful quick guide over at Paleo Treats

Unfortunately they are a US based company so their delicious looking snacks are not available to us down under but their blog has some awesome stuff on it and I got in touch with Lee and she was happy for me to share her hard work with you all

I'll go into more depth on each of these different diets down the track but for now this should give those of you just beginning your Paleo journey a good idea on the basics.