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An intro to Paleo and which healing diet could be right for you

Posted by Michael Grubb on

If your new to the whole Paleo thing then your probably finding all this new information and specific catch words all a but daunting. I sure as hell know that I did!

Like what the hell is Ketogenic or AIP or LOW FODMAP anyway?

Who made up these crazy words and acronyms and what do they even mean?

I stumbled over a very useful quick guide over at Paleo Treats

Unfortunately they are a US based company so their delicious looking snacks are not available to us down under but their blog has some awesome stuff on it and I got in touch with Lee and she was happy for me to share her hard work with you all

I'll go into more depth on each of these different diets down the track but for now this should give those of you just beginning your Paleo journey a good idea on the basics.

Sponsoring an Active Lifestyle

Over at Paleo Meals Direct we believe that good nutrition should also go hand in hand with living an active life style.Id like to announce that PMD is proudly the Major sponsor for "the jungle body" convention.The convention is at the Novotel Langley Perth from October 6 - 8Go check out the webpage for more [...]

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Why Quality over Quantity Counts when we Talk Carbs

Do you feel like you are continuously trying to cut carbs? Count carbs? Label carbs as the devil macro?Carbs shouldn’t fall into this category. As long as you are eating the RIGHT ones. Research has recently revealed that metabolic disease does not sprout from how many carbohydrates we eat, but rather the TYPES of carbohydrates we eat.Carbs fall into [...]

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How Much Water Are You Drinking?

I often see people carrying around their 1L jugs with them with the intent to drink at least two of those throughout the day. I also see a lot of people forcing themselves to drink this amount. Is 2L a day really the solution to hydrate properly for everyone?You guessed it, NO. No it’s not. In simple terms, [...]

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How Paleo can help with hay fever season

If you’re like me, being one of those people that suffer from hay fever every year, you want to have a good read of this.The change of seasons can be a beautiful thing and it can also wreak havoc on our sinuses giving us congestion, watery and itchy eyes, pressure headaches, stuffy noses, uncontrollable sneezing and the list goes on. [...]

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Why am I always bloated?

It’s unpleasant, unattractive and definitely uncomfortable. We have all experienced it, some more than others and the cause of it can be hard to pin point. Bloating can cause us to experience many unpleasant symptoms like; gas, distended stomach, tight belts, gut pain and feeling “puffy”.Bloating is something that is subjective – meaning you can “feel” bloated without experiencing any [...]

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When you hit a paleo road block

It’s inevitable. Social settings, celebrations, temptations, the lolly isle in the grocery store. We will all hit a roadblock at some point, and I can guarantee it will happen more than once. On your journey to success of a sustainable healthy lifestyle, life will intervene. We lose our mojo. We are always given two options at this point; we can [...]

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How sprinting could make you live longer

Ok, so maybe you are counting your 10,000 steps a day on your fit bit tracker. We are all becoming aware of how people don’t walk enough these days. We have lifts, escalators, vehicles, services to do things we normally would have to do ourselves, hell we even have moving walkways at airports to get us from point A [...]

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What is the Low FODMAP Protocol?

Food sensitivities seem to be growing more and more over time, and it could be either we are getting smarter understanding them, or we are polluting our bodies more which makes these sensitivities grow – or both.One sensitivity that seems to be more common is fructose malabsorption, or FODMAP intolerance. FODMAP intolerance is when you [...]

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Winning against the cold and flu

If you don't have it, someone around you has it, and you're probably scared you're going to get it too. Cold and flu season seems to be lurking around still and avoiding it at all costs is the goal. A gram of prevention is worth a kilo of cure. By giving our bodies what it [...]

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